Clinical Medicine for the MRCP PACES Pack

Clinical Medicine for the MRCP PACES Pack


Présentation de l'éditeur The MRCP PACES examination is a highly sought-after qualification worldwide and an essential part of postgraduate medical training in the UK. Fully up-to-date with the current exam format, the Pack also reflects the recent changes to Station 5. In each of these two volumes, the authors include clinical cases which mimic the style and approach of the MRCP PACES exam. These sample cases equip the reader attempting the exam with the skills and knowledge necessary for success, and provide an overview of evidence-based medicine for competency-based training. Across both volumes, the authors explore all aspects of the candidate's performance, from clinical examination, to presentation, communication and medical ethics and up-to-date clinical evidence. This two-volume pack represents great value to the reader and offers a complete revision packages for the MRCP PACES exam. Volume 1 includes over 150 cases, covering Stations 1, 3 and 5. Volume 2 includes 75 cases, covering Stations 2 and 4. Revue de presse Wow, this is the only MRCP text I've read which addresses the new station 5 properly.....which is a big thumbs up as its worth about 1/3 total marks (and the bit my friends seem to fail)!! Its also the text I want to keep hold of for future reference after exam is over. ( Amazon review) I have purchased almost every book available to study for this blasted exam and I can easilly say that this is the best so far. The only book that properly covers station 5. well worth the money! ( Amazon review)

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