Master Class Service à Fondue 6 Fourchettes Fonte émaillée Noir

Master Class Service à Fondue 6 Fourchettes Fonte émaillée Noir

Good news for fondue fans – this classic Swiss dish is well and truly back in fashion! There aren't many table centrepieces more entertaining than a hot fondue pot. Suitable for cheese, meat and chocolate fondues, this Master Class Black Cast Iron Fondue Set is fantastic for entertaining guests at dinner parties, or putting fun twists on after-dinner desserts! This fondue pot is produced from the highest quality cast iron, with a hard-wearing and stylish enamel finish. Enjoy a Whole Range of Fondue Dishes You can use this fondue set for all sorts of indulgent fondue recipes. Melt a cheese fondue and enjoy morsels of bread, chunks of vegetables and tangy Granny Smith apples. It's great with cheddar or camembert, or, if you'd prefer a more traditional fondue, try Swiss favourites, such as gruyère or emmental. Or try melting chunks of creamy chocolate to serve as an indulgent after-dinner treat, along with marshmallows, strawberries and slices of banana. It's also ideal for a fondue bourguignonne – where you cook small cubes of beef with herbs on the fondue forks. Stays Hotter for Longer Cast iron is great at retaining heat. This makes the fondue pot a great choice for dinner parties with friends or family – you can let the conversation flow, safe in the knowledge that your fondue will stay warm and delicious. Dual Fuel Burner with Adjustable Snuffer Bringing your fondue to the ideal temperature is easy with the dual fuel burner. Simply fill it with methylated spirits or gel fuel (supplied separately) and light to get it burning. There's an adjustable snuffer, so you can easily adjust the flame once your cheese, chocolate or oil has reached the right temperature. And with the cast iron pot's superior heat retention properties, you don't have to use as much fuel either. Fondue Without the Mix-Ups When you're in the midst of enjoying a fondue, it’s easy to forget which fork is yours! This isn't a problem with this cast iron fondue set, however. It includes six stainless steel fondue forks, each one with a colour-coded end so you can avoid any embarrassing mix-ups! Great Table Entertainment With its strong fondue stand and flat base plate, this fondue set is fantastic to have at the centre of your dining table. The pot's lustrous black finish is sure to stand-out - whether you're hosting guests or simply enjoying an after dinner indulgence with a twist! More Features — Contoured splash guard prevents hot liquid escaping from the pot - for a mess-free fondue — Pot's handles make it easier and safer to handle — Forks are dishwasher safe (fondue bowl should be washed by hand, while burner, base and snuffer should be wiped down only) — Comes complete with Master Class's five year guarantee Master Class Cast Iron Fondue Sets The perfect accompaniment for an evening of entertainment, this cast iron fondue set is also available in cream (KCFONDUEBEI) and red (KCFONDUERED). 1x Master Class Cast Iron Fondue Pot w/Lid - Black 1x Master Class Fondue Stand 1x Master Class Burner Base Plate 1x Master Class Snuffer 1x Master Class Dual Fuel Burner for Fondue Pot 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - White 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - Orange 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - Green 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - Red 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - Blue 1x Master Class Stainless Steel Fondue Fork - Yellow

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À propos du Master Class Service à Fondue 6 Fourchettes Fonte émaillée Noir reconditionné

  • Idéal pour une soirée entre amis
  • Caquelon en fonte noir avec couvercle anti-éclaboussure et poignées latérales
  • Combustible mixte - alcool à brûler ou pâte combustible
  • Brûleur avec flamme réglable et éteignoir
  • Pour une fondue bourguignonne, savoyarde ou au chocolat
  • 6 fourchettes à fondue avec repères « couleur »

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