Gigabyte Z590m Gaming X Carte Mère Intel Z590 Express Lga 1200 Micro Atx

Gigabyte Z590m Gaming X Carte Mère Intel Z590 Express Lga 1200 Micro Atx

DIRECT POWER DESIGN. Z590M GAMING X motherboard uses an 12+1 phases digital CPU power design which includes both digital PWM Controller and DrMOS. These 100% digital controller and additional 8+4 Solid-pin CPU Power Connectors offer incredible precision in delivering power to the motherboard's most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components, allowing enthusiasts to get the absolute maximum performance from the new Intel 11th Gen CPU. Cleaner and more efficient power delivery to the CPU with better thermal performance ensure stability under high CPU frequencies and heavy loading. - Digital PWM Controller to deliver appropriate voltage to the CPU. - Direct 12+1 Phases DrMOS without PWM Doublers, each power phase connects directly to the CPU, With capability to handle 720 Amps current in total. - All-solid capacitors to improve Transient response and minimize oscillation. - 8+4 Solid Pin CPU Power Connectors PERFORMANCE. With the best quality components and GIGABYTE R&D design capability, the Z590M GAMING X is a true beast among motherboards. Dual PCIe 4.0/3.0 x4 M.2. GIGABYTE Gaming Motherboards are focused on delivering M.2 technology to enthusiasts who want to maximize their system's potential. ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTION. Z590M GAMING X uses high performance Fully Covered thermal design with high coverage MOSFET Heatsinks and thick thermal pad, providing ultimate MOSFET cooling performance for enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers. Fully Covered Thermal Design. High coverage MOSFET and integrated molding Heatsinks to improve thermal efficiency with better airflow and heat exchange. Thick Thermal Pad. Thick Thermal Pad up to 5W/mK Thermal Conductivity. M.2 Thermal Guard. Built-in M.2 heatsink prevent high-speed, large capacity PCIe 4.0 SSDs from throttling due to overheating. 2X larger Surface. Increased surface area up to 2X larger compared to traditional heatsinks. It improves heat dissipation from the MOSFETs. Real One-piece Build. TMOS is a TRUE single piece heatsink. Its one-piece design and larger surface drastically improve the cooling performance against competitors’ multi-piece design. Multi-cut Design. TMOS features several channels and inlets on the heatsink. This design allows for the air flow to go through which leads to a great improvement of the heat transfer performance. GIGABYTE Ultra-Efficient M.2 Thermal Guard. With durability in mind, GIGABYTE provides a thermal solution for M.2 SSD devices. The M.2 Thermal Guard prevents throttling and bottlenecks from high speed M.2 SSDs as it helps to dissipate heat before it becomes an issue. Smart Fan 6 contains several unique cooling features that ensure gaming PC maintain its performance while staying cool and quiet. Multiple fan headers can support PWM/DC fan and pump, and users can easily define each fan curve based on different temperature sensors across the board via intuitive user interface. Cooling Features. High Current Support. Each fan headers support PWM and DC fan and Water cooling Pump, and up to 24W (12V x 2A) with Over-Current Protection Precision Control. Up to 7 temperature/fan speed control points for precise fan curve Dual Curve Mode. Slope/Stair dual mode for different user scenario Fan Stop. Fan can stop completely below users' specified temperature point NEXT GENERATION CONNECTIVITY. A high-end product needs to be future-proof so your system stays up-to-date with the latest technology. Z590M GAMING X provides all next generation network, storage, connectivity to keep you up to speed. First Adapter on 2.5GbE LAN Onboard. 2X Faster than ever. - Adoption of 2.5G LAN provide up to 2.5 GbE network connectivity, with at least 2 times faster transfer speeds compared to general 1GbE networking, perfectly designed for gamers with ultimate online gaming experience. - Support Multi-Gig(10/100/1000/2500Mbps) RJ-45 ethernet Intel USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Controller. Intel's native USB 3.2 Gen2 host controller provides USB 3.2 Gen2 ports with speeds up to 10Gbps.Wi

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Description produit

À propos du Gigabyte Z590m Gaming X Carte Mère Intel Z590 Express Lga 1200 Micro Atx reconditionné

  • Prise en charge des processeurs Intel LGA 1200 de 11e génération
  • Prend en charge 4 x DDR4 Dual Channel Non-ECC DIMM sans tampon
  • Solution VRM numérique 12 + 1 phases avec DrMOS 60 A
  • Dual Ultra Fast NVMe PCIe 4.0/3.0 x4 M.2 avec protection thermique
  • LAN rapide 2,5 GbE avec gestion de la bande passante

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